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Plastic Pollution – Why do I give a sh*t!

Here we are sitting at an indoor play area on a rainy day in May. We are surrounded by artificial light, plastic furnishings, and man-made materials. We have driven the 15-minute journey in a diesel car and yet, here I am, refusing to buy the children an orange juice…Why? Because it comes in a plastic bottle.
 For the last 2 years, we have been on a mission to reduce our plastic consumption; we have exchanged plastic toothbrushes for bamboo, stopped buying disposable razors and we refuse drinking straws on a regular basis.

But why do we care, why do we give a sh*t? - It's too late to change
- We can't make a difference- Alternatives cost more money and are harder to find- We won't see any change in our lifetime- It’s the government's problem, not ours Some people will call me a hypocrite and they'd be right. I work for a company whose sole purpose is to manufacture disposable retail displays, often in plastic, to persuade people to purchase things they do not need and…