What's to come? Our plans for 2019 and beyond

 Is it March already?  We normally have most of the year mapped out by now but this year we have been pretty lapse. What have we got booked and what would we like to book for this year and beyond? I figured I'd get my shit together and share my thoughts.  

 This month sees a big birthday in the Four Roam camp, with C soon to be 11 it's time to celebrate. We are taking him and his friends out for dinner on his birthday and then off to a climbing wall. Having just watched Free Solo we are "all" keen to give it ago (some more keen than others).

 The month starts with 2 birthdays so there will, no doubt, be a small celebration to arrange. Hoping for some family time away in the van this April and looking at a trip to Wales and the beautiful walk at Ystradfelte. It is described as the best Waterfall walk in Britain and takes in 4 waterfalls; one you can walk behind. We will more than likely stay in a campsite as wild camping is a bit tricky with the four of us and no amenities.

California, It's on the list.

 The warmer weather will no doubt bring more weekend campervan trips. With the Norfolk and Suffolk coast being so close by we are keen to explore some of the lesser known areas. Places like Aldeburgh and Dunwich that we live so close to but have, as yet, not visited. Camp Quirky is also on the list for a potential weekends away, this festival is based around self-converted campervans and there are various talks and demonstrations over the weekend. 

 Towards the end of May we have a week-long trip to Romania booked. We are excited to be visiting Transylvania and Bran castle. We also plan on spending some time at the Libearty Bear Sanctuary, the sanctuary takes in bears that were previously used for tourism.  We have yet to work out the accommodation details and are undecided whether to stick to one area or arrange a road trip. Watch this space!

Bran Castle in Romania

 As soon as we get back from Romania, we have the Alive and Vdubbin VW show in Stowmarket, Suffolk. After being invited last year, and turning up in a Kia Sorento, we are glad be taking along our VW this year. The show is on for 2 nights and has a children's area as well as VW related displays and evening entertainment. 

 Nothing is planned for July, but I want to fit in some more wild tent camps, and I'd like to get to Scotland again. I'd love to do the NC500 but for that I'd need at least 2 weeks and we just can't spare the holiday. I have been looking at the transport options; the sleeper train is over £200 so I may end up flying to Inverness and hiring a car for a weekend. 

My last wild camping trip to Scotland

 We have a 10-day road trip pencilled in for August. The plan is head over to France and follow the coast west to Brittany taking in the sites on the way. This will be our longest van trip, to date and something we are all excited about. 

 Another big birthday with Emily hitting CENSORED and another VW show to consider; Retro Dub Suffolk. Hoping to get some friends together for a weekend of fun. 

October and beyond.
 Nothing booked beyond September yet, but we are meant to be saving for a much larger trip in 2020. With school holidays so frequent, and both of us working, we only ever manage to take one week off at a time. This limits us to short haul flights. Next year we have a plan. We are looking at taking at least 3 weeks off work and going on a California road trip. We have seen so many posts featuring places such as Joshua Tree, Yosemite National Park, and of course the Grand Canyon we just need to see it for ourselves.

That's a few things jotted down, let's see what the rest of the year brings.   


  1. It sounds as though your children are having an awesome childhood. I would love to visit Romania.

    1. Tell them thatπŸ˜‚ They think they are missing out because we don't stay at home a lot or eat in McDonald's.

  2. I can't believe it is March already. Good you have the year planned out. I ned to make plans too!

  3. Wow I cant believe you have so much planned, I need to get my finger out and sort out some things before the children start back in september. Make the most of them being homeschooled for a few more months!

    1. You say planned. I only thought of most of it yesterday. πŸ˜‚

  4. We are doing Wales at easter and cannot wait. We also had California booked in for August but even the extortinate amount of money we saved for the trip just isn't enough, so it will have to wait

    1. I haven't even thought about what's it's going to cost. Maybe I should

  5. Sounds like you have lots of plans, we have no travel plans yet this year and I have itchy feet as I want to get out and explore

    1. I needed to plan stuff to get over the winter blues. I am sure the plans will change between now and the Summer.


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