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Slovenia Part one - A hidden gem

How do normal people book a holiday?
1. Visit a travel agent, 2. Bring home some brochures
3. Browse various hotel complexes available
4. Select a nice 4-star all-inclusive hotel close to the beach with a kids’ club. 
How do we book a holiday?
1. Search Google for "Secret Destinations" or "Hidden Gems" 2. Check out the population density of all the destinations
3. Find the least popular months to visit said destinations
4. Look up the cost of living in the chosen location 
5. Review flights on Skyscanner to decide the cheapest days to travel
6. Procrastinate for a month or two in case a better option comes up. 
7. Revisit all sites before deciding
8. Find out the cost has increased due to our inability to make a decision.
 This is how we found ourselves booking a one-week holiday to Slovenia in 2018.
 Slovenia lies in the eastern Alps at the northern end of the Adriatic Sea. It borders Italy, Austria, Hungary, and Croatia and as such, shares a lot of their character…

Wildcamping on a beach - A microadventure

Back in 2016 I decided to do things a little differently, I’d returned from a music festival and realised I was turning middle aged. Things had to change.
 I needed something exciting in my life, something out of the ordinary, something just for me. But what? I started to consider the options: should I buy a sports car, get an earing or maybe have an affair. All of these sounded far too clich├ęd and the last one would be downright dangerous. No, I needed something else.
 It was whilst perusing the internet for adventure that I stumbled across Alastair Humphreys. Alastair is an author from England. He writes about his adventures exploring the world, but he is also very keen to push the idea of the microadventure; a short, local accessible adventure. Short, local, accessible I could do, and I wouldn’t even need to file for a divorce.

 I started to research the idea in more detail. A microadventure normally entails a hike of sorts, cooking and sleeping outdoors. These things had been a part …

What's to come? Our plans for 2019 and beyond

Is it March already?  We normally have most of the year mapped out by now but this year we have been pretty lapse. What have we got booked and what would we like to book for this year and beyond? I figured I'd get my shit together and share my thoughts.  
March  This month sees a big birthday in the Four Roam camp, with C soon to be 11 it's time to celebrate. We are taking him and his friends out for dinner on his birthday and then off to a climbing wall. Having just watched Free Solo we are "all" keen to give it ago (some more keen than others).
April  The month starts with 2 birthdays so there will, no doubt, be a small celebration to arrange. Hoping for some family time away in the van this April and looking at a trip to Wales and the beautiful walk at Ystradfelte. It is described as the best Waterfall walk in Britain and takes in 4 waterfalls; one you can walk behind. We will more than likely stay in a campsite as wild camping is a bit tricky with the four of us and…

Iceland - Our 6 day road trip

Iceland: The land of fire and ice they say Iceland: The land of waterfalls and sunshine we say 
  If anyone had mentioned a trip to Iceland a few years ago I would have asked them to pick me up some frozen peas and a Walls' Viennetta. We knew nothing of the amazing European country that sits 850 miles north of the UK. We didn't know about the beautiful waterfalls, the wonderous rock formations, the friendly people or the constantly moving glaciers.

 It was November 2017 that we first considered Iceland as a holiday destination. We were looking for something that was a little different (there's a theme here). We had been holidaying in the UK for years but now that our labrador, Millie, was getting too old to come along we had a new sense of freedom and adventure. We wanted the children to experience something new and exciting, Iceland ticks all those boxes and more.
 Flights to Iceland are readily available and we managed to fly via EasyJet, from Luton, for a very affordable pr…