A house full of feathers

 I came home from work today to a house full of feathers and a very excited M. "Jackson bought me a present!" she screamed at the top of her voice. "Wow" i said "Was it a new bike?" This lead to some confusion on her part as it was clearly a blackbird that had caused all the fuss. Silly Daddy!

 We have had various cats in the house since way before we even thought about children. All our cats came from rescue organisations and all have enjoyed hunting. Our last two cats had been brought up on a farm and hunting was their job. We had all manner of items brought home from lizards to voles and even a pigeon. All were brought home in the early hours and left as presents for our unsuspecting children.

Jackson the hunter

 This current victim was brought in alive and had a tour of the house before meeting it's demise.

 So back to the present day and after clearing up the feathers from the house it was time to take M to bed. We trudged up the stairs talking about the highlights of the day. There on the top of the stairs was our cat, Jackson, looking pretty smug  "Naughty Cat" I said "why are you bringing birds home?"

It didn't stand a chance

 M looked at me strangely..... "The cat didn't bring the bird home, she said in a rather know it all voice... it was a present from Jackson, my friend at school"

 Now I was confused did M really think that a 6 year old child from her class had brought her a live blackbird as a gift and sneaked into our house to let it run amok?

....It would appear, with the innocence of a 5 year old, that this is exactly what she believed.


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