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10 tips to de-clutter your family home

 Last week was our 15-year wedding anniversary and it is amazing how much “stuff” you can accumulate over this time. Prior to having children, we lived a very minimalist life; our first house was described by the estate agent as “Show Home Standard”. Now, with two children, it is often more resembling “Toy Shop Standard”
In these last few months, we have started to develop some strategies to deal with all this “stuff” and to teach the children to live a less commercial life.

If you are interested in de-cluttering your life with children, please see below our top 10 tips to help you on your way:

1. Lead by example
If you really want your children to declutter their lives and appreciate experiences more than possessions, you need to lead by example. Do you really need the latest digital TV? Will you ever use the record collection gathering dust in the garage? De-cluttering your life is a difficult thing to do, we all have emotional ties and memories linked to our possessions so do not even…

Slovenia – A 7-day itinerary (with kids)

If you have read our previous post (Slovenia Part One), you will see that we used some unusual methods to finally decide on our trip to Slovenia.

 We had planned our route, collected our hire car and arrived at our hotel. This blog will detail the rest of the trip, the itinerary, our highlights and the places we missed.

 If you are looking for a one week itinerary for a family holiday in Slovenia read on:

Day 1 Voglje - Lake Bled – Lake Bohinj
 Our first full day in Slovenia and after waking at the crack of dawn we headed off to our first destination; Lake Bled. The lake was a 30 min drive from our hotel, and we arrived early to avoid the crowds. Parking was easy, just past the lake at Villa Bled, and we were soon swimming in the turquoise waters chasing the trout that live there. After a great lunch in Restaurant Sova, a boat trip to Bled Island and a well-deserved ice cream, we headed to our apartment at Lake Bohinj.

 We had chosen the quieter location of Lake Bohinj as our base for the …

Vanlife - What's it all about anyway?

Back in May 2019, we attended a small independent festival known as Camp Quirky. The festival is described as the only festival in the UK focused specifically on handmade campervans and all things vanlife.

 Being new to campervan ownership (see our previous post) we thought this would be the perfect place to explore the culture that is known as #vanlife. We returned with more questions than answers, so decided to find out more by interviewing 3 families who are living "The Vanlife Dream".

1. Thank you for sparing the time. Please introduce yourselves

Rainbows on the Road:
 We are Laura, Carly and Agnes AKA Rainbows on the Road, or The Rainbows as many people refer to us as. Currently, we are in the Orkney Islands on a special mission to find the location of a photograph Carly’s Dad took the day before he unexpectedly passed away here on a fishing trip nine years ago.

Yellow Van Diesel:
 We are Yellow Van Diesel, a family of 4 plus the dog, who travelled around west Europe for 10…